What is backup?
Wreck Of The Old 97 - initial demo
Basic pinch rhythm
Using the pinch rhythm in a song
Pinch and rolls
Using pinch and rolls in a song
Alternating roll
Using the alternating roll in a song
Reverse roll
Using the reverse roll in a song
Combining basic techniques
Introduction to the forward roll
Roll direction
Escape roll
Forward roll/escape in a progression
Forward roll/escape in a song
Forward roll/escape variations
Which escape roll to use?
Forward roll/escape variations progression
Leading to a C chord
One measure rolls, G to D
Using forward roll/escape variations song
Banjo/fiddle duet - Turkey In The Straw
Turkey In The Straw backup demo
Turkey In The Straw slow
Turkey In The Straw backup - split screen
Banjo/fiddle duet - Bitter Creek
Bitter Creek backup demo
Bitter Creek backup - split screen
Filling the holes
Fill in licks
"Wreck" backup with fills - split screen
Too many fills?
Roving Gambler backup, no fills
Roving Gambler, no fills - split screen
Roving Gambler with fills
Roving Gambler backup demo with fills
Roving Gambler with fills - split screen
Playing backup in C
Dark Hollow in C
Dark Hollow in C backup demo
Dark Hollow in C backup - split screen
Dark Hollow in D
Dark Hollow in D backup demo
Dark Hollow in D backup - split screen
Distinctive rolls
D chord licks
D chord licks - split screen
Licks with passing tones
Licks with passing tones - split screen
Baucom/Emerson lick
Baucom/Emerson lick - split screen
D to G lick
D to G lick - split screen
AcuTab product info
Huber banjos information
End credits