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Gold Star Banjos

Gold Star banjos are back and represent quality and value more than ever. With older models fast becoming collectors items, the Pre-War sound and flathead design will assure these new models will be added to the list! Ever since these banjos were discontinued in the late 1980's, they have continued to be topics of discussion for their legendary sound and value. With close to 25 years to improve these already legendary instruments, we are sure you will agree that these banjos are the best value available on the market today!

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Gold Star GF-100JD Bluegrass Album Banjo - Bluegrass Instruments
Gold Star GF-100JD Bluegrass Album Banjo - Bluegrass Instruments
In 1980, five musicians went into the Arch Street Studio in Berkeley, CA and Bluegrass recording history was made. “The Bluegrass Album” with Tony Rice, J.D. Crowe, Bobby Hicks, Doyle Lawson and Todd Phillips redefined the direction of the music for the next generation. The banjo pictured on the cover and recorded on the Bluegrass Album was a prewar RB-3 that has been with Saga for more than 30 years. For the past five years, we have charted a course which has finally resulted in the recreation of that legendary banjo…an instrument that produced some of the finest examples of banjo tone that have ever been recorded. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the continuing tradition.
Product# GF-100JD
More info on Gold Star GF-100JD Bluegrass Album Banjo - Bluegrass InstrumentsBuy Gold Star GF-100JD Bluegrass Album Banjo - Bluegrass Instruments Now!List Price: US $1,980.00Our Price: US $1,889.99
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